Pain Killer Detox

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Pain Killer Detox

Painkiller addiction has been a virtually skyrocketing issue since about 2004, creating our current addiction epidemic that this country is faced with.  In the first few years of the 21st century, American pharmaceutical companies increased the production and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs into the hands of Americans everywhere.  The increase was on the order of magnitude of about three-hundred percent in just a few short years.  This was very upsetting and it created a very difficult situation for a lot of people, not only those addicted themselves but their family members and loved ones as well.

Many Americans are absolutely outraged by this epidemic, because these drugs were supposed to be helpful and assistive for people, not addictive and dangerous.  But sadly that is the very real situation here, and more people are now addicted to pain killer drugs than to all other drugs combined.  Of course, all of this necessitates a pain killer detox approach, preferably a holistic pain killer detox approach.

Painkillers are very hard to come down off of once one is hooked on them, and detox methods that simply use other medicines within them (medical detox facilities) to try to help their clients get clean risk getting their clients hooked on the very medicines used in rehab.  Sure the individual might walk out of the detox not taking any meds, but they will have been introduced to new medicines while in detox, and that can’t be good for a pill addict.  This is why people who are addicted to painkillers would do much better for themselves if they checked themselves into a holistic pain killer detox program.

Holistic Pain Killer Detox

A holistic pain killer detox will certainly address the physical and very chemical aspects to an individual’s addiction, but they will attempt to do so from an entirely holistic and entirely drug-free avenue.  No medications, no psych meds, no pain meds, no withdrawal-aide meds, nothing.  For people with pre-existing health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes, their medicines will be allowed, but the guiding rule for a holistic pain killer detox is, no medications or pill substances that could be potentially addictive.  So of course this includes all mental health medicines too, such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, tranquilizers, sedatives, hypnotics, psychotropic medication, depression and anxiety meds, etc.  A holistic pain killer detox is truly a detox method that attempts to free people from the harmful effects of addiction and to do so without using any drugs of its own within the recovery center.


A lot of people wonder how on earth a holistic detox is able to help their clients with crippling withdrawal symptoms if not with some kind of medication assistance.  The truth of this is that holistic treatment centers utilize a wide range of recovery methods and techniques to help people get free and clear from crippling chemical dependency.   They utilize such a wide range of services to be able to help their clients address every square inch of their addiction problems from the perspective of addressing the body, mind, and spirit in tandem.  Some of the service that such holistic pain killer detox centers offer are services like:


  • Acupuncture, to balance physical and mental energies, to relieve pent up stresses and negative energies, to realign joints, and to ease pain.
  • Cold laser therapy, to remove pain through an entirely non-invasive and non-drug related method.
  • Sauna therapy, to remove opiate pain killer chemicals from the body through the process of sweating them out.
  • Biosound therapy, used to create specific sounds which create a soothing and peaceful effect on the individual.
  • Massage therapy to work over pained areas, ease discomfort, and to help stimulate blood flow to further release toxins stuck in various areas of the body.
  • Chiropractic manipulation, a gradient above massage therapy, which works to realign the body’s bones, nerves, joints, ligaments, and tendons, allowing better circulation and the release of toxins as a result.


There are many ways to engage in a holistic pain killer detox, all of which are wholesomely beneficial for a person to take part in.  For more information on such services, contact Bright Future Recovery today and take the first step towards a better life for yourself and for your loved ones.

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